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Using TaxPlanIQ as a Team

May 3, 2022 TaxPlanIQ Support team

TaxPlanIQ is the perfect tool for accountants to demonstrate their value to their clients. It allows you to build a comprehensive tax plan in an easy-to-understand format. However, it isn’t just for freelancers working on their own. TaxPlanIQ can be used in teams, as well!

Every function and feature of TaxPlanIQ is built to streamline your team’s workflow, allow you to quickly create tax planning strategies, and grow your business by providing a clear ROI to your clients. As you’ll see, using TaxPlanIQ within a team has multiple benefits.

Training Team Members With TaxPlanIQ

TaxPlanIQ permits teams to train staff members and develop their competencies. In many firms, the partners are the leads when it comes to tax planning, but this can create unnecessary bottlenecks. TaxPlanIQ makes it easy for staff members and partners alike to create amazing tax plans that will clearly communicate value to your clients. Additionally, TaxPlanIQ empowers you to take control of the workload with individual and recurring tasks for all of your accounting work. It also features a group task assignments functionality, which integrates with Qount and allows you and your team to stay focused and organized.

Utilizing Checklists for Strategy Development

The TaxPlanIQ checklists make it easy for your untrained staff to know where to start to complete a strategy. This takes a load off the partner having to explain where to start, what’s missing, and what to do. With any tax strategy, there will always be an implementation that takes some action or input from clients. The ability to clearly communicate these tasks in the same place you’re tracking your own is valuable. Professional and Elite users can easily create to-dos for their clients to see when they log into the customer portal. You can create these tasks from scratch—enabling you to adapt the checklist to each individual client’s needs, or you can use a number of pre-created task templates.

Access to Institutional Data

Professional and Elite users of TaxPlanIQ gain access to the firm dashboard. This allows your staff access to meaningful data to help improve their tax planning process. They will be able to see which strategies you use most often, how much these strategies have individually saved clients, and how much you’ve saved each of your clients tracked in TaxPlanIQ. More than that, though, your team will have access to resources that outline potential tasks, spreadsheet downloads, and videos highlighting exactly how to implement the given strategy. Information to share directly with your client, such as qualifications necessary for certain strategies, is also included to cut down on communication time.

Training Resources for Your Team

Lastly, your team will have access to incredibly helpful resources that guide them through implementation, platform usage, and a variety of other topics. We are constantly increasing the number of tutorials and other videos in TaxPlanIQ. From detailing tax strategies to showing you how to better use the platform, you’ll find hours of brief instructional videos for your team to use, and new videos are released every month for Professional and Elite users.

Ready to streamline your team’s processes? Gain access to tax strategies, additional resources, and our streamlined task system by signing up for a 14-day free trial.

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