Efficiency . Value . Success. Meet TaxPlanIQ. Your tax advisory operations platform.

The intelligent way to create tax plans, manage engagements, facilitate live collaboration, and visualize ROI — all on one platform.

$250M in tax savings | averaging $16,532 per client

Affordable Tax Planning Software for Small and Medium firms

TaxPlanIQ has helped 800+ firms save their clients more than $270M in taxes. See How.

$270M in tax savings | averaging $16,532 per client

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$ 250 M

in Tax Savings

$ 16,532

Average Tax Savings Per Client


Tax payers rely on TaxPlanIQ for their tax savings

70 %

Time saved monthly (on average)


Transform Your Tax Advisory Journey with TaxPlanIQ.

Redefine success in tax planning and advisory with TaxPlanIQ. Go beyond mere tax projections and dive into a comprehensive, value-driven approach that benefits both you and your clients. Our platform manages the entire tax advisory engagement from start to finish, illuminating the profound impact of a well-structured tax plan on financial growth.

Advisory Engagement
Advisory engagement
  • Save time with automated proposal to implementation processes
  • Streamline your entire advisory engagement, from proposal creation to implementation. Easily sync with your billing and practice management software.
ROI Visualization
ROI Visualization
  • Showcase the value with vivid ROI Visualization
  • Demonstrate the monetary benefits of your tax planning strategies, helping clients and team members visualize the ROI and value provided.
Strategy and Templates
  • Manage proposals, live collaboration, and ROI visualization on one platform
  • Confidently automate your tax advisory operations with simple integration into your tech stack. One login, a centralized task list, and hundreds of resources.
Education & Resources
  • Access our wealth of guides, templates, and Webinars with CPE designed to enhance proficiency, fostering continuous learning and growth.
Community Expert
Live Collaboration
  • Enhance cooperative efforts with live collaboration features
  • Access a shared workspace for live collaboration on tax plans, fostering a cooperative environment among team members and clients.
Community & Coaching
  • Enhance your clients' tax advisory experience and grow your firm
  • Automate tedious tasks, enable value pricing, and expand opportunities for your firm by offering advanced tax advisory services with our CCTA certification.

Powered by jAIne AI: Tax Planning Simplified & Supercharged

  • Powered by Chatgpt 4, jAIne effortlessly navigates complex tax queries, becoming an essential partner in every consultation.

  • jAIne’s data analytics offers insights to identify the most effective tax strategies for your clients, so you never have to second guess again!

  • Streamline your workflow jAIne provides instant tax advice, freeing you to invest more quality time with your clients.
Product Overview

What Is TaxPlanIQ?

Efficiency. Value. Success.
TaxPlanIQ is a tax advisory platform that delivers automated solutions for value pricing, live collaboration on tax plans, and end-to-end engagement management.

From proposal creation, educational strategy selection, to implementation and ROI visualization, TaxPlanIQ allows tax advisors to manage it all from one place, with vetted vendor recommendations, discounts, and exclusive CPE.

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World Class Tax Advisors Love Using TaxPlanIQ

See what they’re saying....

"We LOVE TaxPlanIQ. It has truly been a game changer for working with prospective clients. Being ableto show them the ROI analysis allows us to look SO professional and put together. We are so gratefulfor this tool and would highly recommend to any tax planning professional."
Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson, CPA, CFP

The Onyx Group - Santa Monica, CA

"TaxPlanIQ has transformed our advanced tax planning process, streamlining operations and enhancing professionalism with its ROI analyses. It has expedited deal closures while also boosting confidence through its user-friendly interface. An additional benefit is how it provides easily digestible educational content. TaxPlanIQ is a pivotal tool for any tax professionals aiming for success”
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Gabriel Malavolti, JD, LLM, CPA, Managing Partner

Tavola Group - Chicago, IL

Implementing TaxPlanIQ in my practice has been transformative for my clients and myself. As a CPA, providing top-notch tax planning services is crucial, and TaxPlanIQ has become an indispensable tool in achieving this goal. The platform’s intuitive interface and powerful features enable me to create detailed, customized tax strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs. The real-time updates and alerts ensure that I am always on top of any changes in tax laws, allowing me to provide timely and accurate advice. My clients appreciate the proactive approach and the significant tax savings they’ve realized as a result. Additionally, the support team at TaxPlanIQ is exceptional, always ready to assist with any questions and ensure I get the most out of the platform. Thanks to TaxPlanIQ, I can confidently deliver comprehensive tax planning services that drive real value for my clients. I highly recommend it to any CPA looking to enhance their tax planning capabilities.
Kathleen Smith

Kathleen Smith, CPA

Tax Planning and & Accounting - Poughkeepsie, New York

For those of you wondering if TaxPlanIQ is worth it, I just closed a client I have been trying to convert for years. Sold a plan with $10K onboarding and $9K/yr compliance. The difference, according to the client, is that TaxPlanlQ clearly laid out the savings that I had been poorly communicating to them the past couple of years!
Thanks Jackie Meyer and team for an amazing tool!!!
Rich Inglis

Rich Inglis, EA

Paradigm Tax Consulting - Brentwood, CA

Ready to Become a Tax Planning Wizard in Just Minutes?

Jackie Mayer
Jackie Meyer, CPA, CCA, Founder of TaxPlanIQ and an award-winning CPA-firm Meyer Consulting
About our Founder

Tax planning software made for accountants by Accountants

Jackie Meyer, a consistent 40 under 40 honoree since 2018, is a dynamic force in the accounting world. As the former founder of award-winning Meyer Tax Consulting, she now spearheads innovative solutions, including TaxPlanIQ (AICPA 2023 Accelerator Cohort). Jackie's transformative approach, rooted in The ROI Method of Tax Planning™, revolutionizes pricing models and addresses cultural challenges to combat burnout and turnover. She's a sought-after speaker, impacting thousands of accountants annually, and fosters change through her "Accounting Firm Influencers" Facebook group. With Jackie's leadership, the accounting profession embraces a promising future focused on well-being, prosperity, and stronger relationships.

Voted AICPA Accelerator Program Participant 2023 We're thrilled to have this honor.

We are honored to share that TaxPlanIQ has earned a coveted spot among the 'Five startups with an eye to the future' showcased by Accelerator. This prestigious recognition highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in tax planning through automation, Al, and blockchain integration.
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