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Log in to TaxPlanIQ and experience intelligent tax consultation right at your fingertips Start a Free trial now!

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Revolutionizing Tax Advisors.

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Everything you need to turn passion & purpose into maximum profit with Tax Advisory Services (TAS).

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 TaxPlanIQ Simplifies the Tax Proposal Process for Tax Advisors with our Turnkey Solutions

Imagine a world where your accounting practice brings you genuine joy and fulfillment as you help your clients achieve financial success.

With TaxPlanIQ’s SaaS software and turnkey coaching and education solutions, founded by Jackie Meyer, CPA, CCA, and Doctoral Candidate, that can be yours.

Our mission at TaxPlanIQ is to help you create optimal health,  wealth, and  relationships through Tax Advisory Services (TAS) at your firm.

With our solutions, you can transform your accounting firm into a place where you and your clients are excited about the work you do.

So why wait? Join us at TaxPlanIQ today and let’s transform your firm together!

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Create Massively Profitable Tax Plans for Your Clients


Access to the Most Common and BEST Tax Strategies


Grow Your Firms’ Revenue, While Decreasing Your Workload!


Your clients don’t need a number cruncher, they need an expert Tax Advisor.

The problem is you are overworked, under-valued, and stuck in a daily grind that leaves you feeling trapped. Clients need a strategic financial partner they can count on. TaxPlanIQ exists to simplify your world and showcase the tremendous value you offer.


Quickly and Easily Create Tax Plans That Provide MASSIVE Tax Savings to Your Clients - All While Working Less Hours!


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Visualize your client’s tax savings in a brand new way

  • Our tools allow tax advisors to quickly and easily generate tax proposals and savings reports for their clients.

  • We offer a library of tax strategies and case studies that can be used to show clients how they can save on their taxes.

  • TaxPlanIQ's tools and resources allow tax advisors to create customized presentations that are tailored to each client's unique needs.

  • With TaxPlanIQ, tax advisors can easily demonstrate the value of their services and provide their clients with a clear understanding of the tax savings they can achieve.

  • Our tools and resources help tax advisors build stronger relationships with their clients by providing them with actionable insights and strategies that can help them save money on their taxes.




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This is the platform designed to elevate your value and give you control back over your business.

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Easy-to-access tax strategies that make tax planning simple.

TaxPlanIQ is an intuitive platform that allows tax practitioners to start demonstrating tax savings to their clients within 30 minutes.  The tax savings strategies can be quickly applied to your current clients then presented in a professional format that will have your clients saying, “Let's do this!"

  • A robust client portal
  • IRS Guidance
  • Attorney-approved tax strategies
  • Dashboards with ROI updates
  • Task management for clients & staff
  • A white-label platform you can personalize
  • Q/A with founder & tax expert Jackie Meyer
  • Add-on modules and more...

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TaxPlanIQ In The News

Selected for the 2023 AICPA/CPA.com Startup Accelerator


Our Founder: 40 Under 40 since 2018, CPA Practice Advisory


We offer 5 star training and consulting to accountants via CCA


Designed for tax accountants that want to work less and earn more.

Our founder–Jackie Meyer–overcame the challenges frustrating most firm owners. She stopped working 80 hour weeks and broke the cycle of the busy tax season. The result? A thriving business that returned hard-earned money to her clients. She now uses those business-building best practices to coach thousands of accountants just like you–transforming their firms in the process.

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