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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I manage my account billing (Update billing information, cancel, etc)?

To manage your account billing, including updating billing information or canceling your account, please contact our support team at Our team will get in touch with you to assist with your needs. While we would hate to see you go, we understand the importance of feedback in improving our software. Therefore, we may ask a few questions before processing a cancellation to understand your reasons and how we can improve.

How do I change my plan? Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Log into your custom profile with TaxPlanIQ. On the top right icon/ gear, click on settings, settings pops up, then click on Manage billing. After clicking on manage billing, click on the subscription dropdown and select the preferred subscription. 

Which trial plan do you recommend?

We recommend the Professional plan for unlimited access to tax strategies, educational resources and weekly case study labs.  Within our community, we offer many discounts, and following our resources, selling a tax plan can cover the cost and more. 

When will I get invited to these weekly tax planning labs?

As soon as you become a paid subscriber on the professional plan.

Where are vendor discounts?

Our wonderful partners share discounts within the Resource tab of select strategies. Visit the tax strategy library and resources section to see if there are any discounts for that particular strategy. 

Can you help me with a plan?

YES! As a professional plan subscriber, you will get notified about Tax planning labs that take place weekly on Thursdays (first come, first serve basis) or email us at to partner on a case study where we can create and help implement the plan with you and the client.

I tried TaxPlanIQ before and want to use my old custom profile. How do I reactivate my account?

Please email to request to reactivate your account.  Whether we can recover your data depends on several factors. 

What if I don’t see a strategy in your library?

Let us know at! We add them every two weeks. We don’t currently do anything too aggressive (like listed transactions).

How do I update my library?

If there are new things, the strategy will have a download button to the right. Or click “accept all changes” top right.

Can I extend my trial?

A trial extension may be granted on a case-by-case basis, as eligibility depends on several factors. For inquiries regarding a trial extension or any other questions, please contact our customer support at Keep in mind that delaying your engagement with our platform could mean missing out on valuable opportunities to participate in our Weekly Tax Labs, exclusively available to our Professional Subscribers.

What is the limit on the number of extensions during the TaxPlanIQ trial period?

The limit on the number of extensions during the TaxPlanIQ trial period can vary. For detailed information, please reach out to

When should I use the ROI tab versus the presentation?

If your client is very number oriented, the ROI tab by category is helpful. Otherwise, the presentation is better for visual learners

When should I send a client the tax planning report?

After they pay a tax planning or implementation fee!

How should I price a plan?

Our firm aims at providing a 200%+ ROI to the client value pricing, which also solves so many other issues in the accounting industry!

Effective vs. Marginal Tax Rate: Which Should I Use for Projections?

For most projection scenarios, the marginal tax rate will offer the precision and relevance needed. However, if the goal is to take an ultra-conservative stance, the effective rate can serve as a useful tool.  

How can I get additional education and coaching?

We have several programs at to choose from

We are honored to be nominated another year for the CPA Practice Advisor Innovation Award. The Q&A process was so unique and thorough,  I wanted to share our answers and roadmap publicly as well!

Can you provide short 4-7 min video links with an overview of your company/​app?

  1. Official AICPA Accelerator program video 2023: (scroll to TaxPlanIQ), 
  2. With jAIne in beta, I have a quick intro video here:,       
  3. And here is a demo overview video I did a couple of months ago w/Jason Staat's thoughts: 

Can you compare your company/​app to your competition? (what do they do well vs. what do you do well)

Our Edge: What truly sets TaxPlanIQ apart and positions us to redefine the landscape of tax advisory software is our upcoming enhancement: the integration of GPT-4 based chatbot, jAIne. This breakthrough innovation is poised to revolutionize our platform, making jAIne the smartest tax manager in the world and users 70%+ more efficient. From crafting targeted marketing messages to performing complex entity comparisons and meeting specific tax technical needs, jAIne's capabilities will provide unparalleled support and functionality to our users. Next up: return audits and suggestions too!

At TaxPlanIQ, we pride ourselves on providing an all-in-one solution that accompanies Elite tax advisors throughout the entire tax planning journey. Unlike other offerings, We stand out as the all-in-one solution, encompassing the entire tax advisory process from Proposals, and Project management, to Professional Development. These are the 3 P's of TaxPlanIQ.

Compared to Option B-The Big Industry Titan: Their solution, although integrated with an online version of tax preparation software, falls short in terms of strategy depth and community support. It may provide some basic functionality, but lacks the personalized touch and extensive strategy arsenal that help our community thrive. Unlike Intuit, we at TaxPlanIQ are constantly attuned to our users' needs, releasing new enhancements every two weeks to meet specific requirements and keep our platform at the cutting edge of tax planning technology.

Compared to Option C - The Slick Sales Company: While their technology can read a tax return and propose hundreds of strategies, it often leads users into a labyrinth of complexity. The overwhelming number of options and time-consuming inputs create barriers to implementation. Moreover, the cost of their services, including a separate coaching program, can run into tens of thousands of dollars. In contrast, TaxPlanIQ offers a unified approach at just $600 per month, as well as a starter subscription of only $150 per month now. This includes an hour of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and weekly labs where we personally guide tax advisors in crafting plans. Small group coaching intensives are also available for around $1,000 per month, representing an immense value at

In conclusion, TaxPlanIQ's commitment to excellence, focus on personalized coaching, affordability, and the revolutionary addition of jAIne ensures that we don't just compete with our competitors – we lead. Our offering is not merely about software but about empowering tax advisors to transform their practices, reach new heights, and deliver extraordinary value to their clients. With subscription options to fit various needs and a relentless dedication to innovation AND education, TaxPlanIQ stands as the clear choice for tax advisors who seek the best of the best. For a more detailed comparison with our competitors, please visit our comparison page at

Can you describe in detail the security policies for your company/​app?

At TaxPlanIQ, we prioritize data security and implement comprehensive measures to ensure that our users' data remains safe and secure. Here's an overview of our security policies and protocols:

  1. Certifications:

Our team is certified in ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining robust security controls.

We also have expertise in fraud examination (Certified Fraud Examiner by ACFE) and information security (Certified in Info Security by ISACA), ensuring that our security measures adhere to the highest standards.

  1. Temporary Data Storage:

We store user data for the entire duration of service usage and for an additional 5 years thereafter, maintaining both access control and regular monitoring.

  1. Dedicated Server and Data Protection:

Our server is exclusive to TaxPlanIQ and secured by a state-of-the-art firewall.

We perform automatic backups every 6 hours and retain encrypted daily backups in multiple locations.

Data is logically separated, allowing only authorized personnel to access it, ensuring privacy and security.

  1. User Access Controls:

Users have complete control over data sharing within their accounts.

Our support team members, who have undergone background checks, may access data for specific purposes, such as technical support.

  1. Encryption:

All communications within the TaxPlanIQ application are encrypted with 128-bit SSL, a standard comparable to that used by banks.

Data at rest is encrypted using AES 256-bit symmetric keys, and data transfers are secured via SSL.

  1. Hosting and Physical Security:

TaxPlanIQ is hosted on AWS, a renowned platform with robust security and privacy features.

Our team takes additional measures within the AWS architecture to maintain a secure infrastructure. More details can be found at AWS Security.

  1. GDPR/CCPA Compliance:

While not explicitly mentioned, our focus on data ownership, control, and encryption aligns with the principles of privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Specific compliance measures can be detailed further as needed.

  1. Continuous Security Evaluation:

We are committed to ongoing security evaluation and reinforcement, ensuring that our DataSec architecture adapts to new threats and challenges.

Our comprehensive approach to security reflects our dedication to providing an elite service that our users can trust. We understand the critical nature of the data we handle, and we've designed our security protocols to protect this data to the fullest extent possible.

For more info please visit:

What is your short-term roadmap for the next 6-12 months?

We are currently testing the following features for 15-30 day release: jAIne GPT4 chatbot, storing redacted returns, continuing to add strategies to our library of about 100.

For the next quarter, we are focusing on: OCR and suggestions of return data for strategies, filling our CCTA group to about 22, customizing the color scheme (already white labeled) of the ppt presentation, and running another 10 days to closing a tax plan challenge to help practitioners get confidence in tax advisory quickly, we have some strategic partnerships for further education and vendor resources hand selected.

For the upcoming year, we are focusing on: Using the chatbot to input data/talk directly with TaxPlanIQ pages, 3rd party integrations with TaxDome (we integrate with Zapier now and as well as other direct plugins.

What is your long-term roadmap for the next 3-5 years?

Certainly! Here's the revised long-term roadmap that incorporates your specific requests:

TaxPlanIQ's Long-term Roadmap (3-5 Years):

  1. Product Development:

Integration with Financial Platforms: Facilitating easy business data import through seamless integration with major financial and accounting platforms.

Expansion of AI Capabilities: Leveraging advanced AI technologies to expand jAIne's capabilities, including unique features like representing a minority woman, reflecting our diversity values.

Enhancements Release Cycle: Continuing to release new, customized enhancements every two weeks, reflecting users' needs and industry trends.

New Subscription Tiers: Expanding subscription options to cater to different segments of tax advisors.

  1. Education & Professional Development:

Broadening Educational Programs: Enhancing our coaching and professional development offerings.

Certification Programs: Collaborating with professional bodies for certification programs.

  1. Market Expansion & Networking:

Geographical Growth: Entering new markets domestically and internationally.

Partnerships & Alliances: Building strategic alliances.

Network Connection Offering: Launching a platform where taxpayers can find specialized tax advisors through TaxPlanIQ, further supporting our advisors with marketing.

  1. Customer Support & Community Engagement:

Community Platform: Encouraging collaboration and support among tax advisors.

Enhanced Customer Support: Offering more channels of support.

  1. Security & Compliance:

Ongoing Security Enhancements: Investing in state-of-the-art security technologies.

Regulatory Alignment: Ensuring compliance with emerging laws and regulations.

  1. Sustainability, Diversity, & Social Responsibility:

Sustainable Practices: Implementing environmentally responsible business practices.

Diversity and Inclusion Policies: Developing and enforcing comprehensive diversity and inclusion policies to create a vibrant, inclusive workplace.

Social Impact Initiatives: Launching community support programs.

  1. Thought Leadership & Innovation:

Thought Leadership from Our CEO & team: Regular insights, publications, and speaking engagements by our CEO, positioning TaxPlanIQ as an industry leader.

Investment in R&D: Fueling innovation through significant R&D investments.

By strategically focusing on these pillars, TaxPlanIQ will strengthen its position as the premier platform for elite tax advisors. Our commitment to continuous innovation, community building, ethical practices, and thought leadership will set us apart as a driving force in the tax advisory technology landscape.

What is the pricing for your application?

$150 starter per month, then $195 per tax plan produced (recommended for users doing less than 12 plans a year) or $600 Professional Plan is all-encompassing and unlimited access

Access to our small group coaching intensives is approx 1K per month and includes 3 live sessions with a couple dozen advisor peers and Jackie Meyer, CPA tackling your biggest challenges, celebrating successes, and moving the profession forward. 

What kind of support do you offer & how fast is your guaranteed response times?

Same day response time. We have a chatbot on the public website, a chatbot within the application, and a thorough knowledge base and help center. We have 2 weekly onboarding sessions, 1 weekly lab for tax technical planning, and multiple access points to our team such as the current 10 day challenge we are running to close a tax plan. We also offer hourly coaching and consulting on demand.


What integrations does your app have? Do you plan on adding more integrations in the future? Zapier was released this summer. Yes we plan to have direct integrations to project management softwares, such as TaxDome, and workflow solutions, alongside tax preparation and projection software.

What is the vision, mission, & purpose of your company/​app?


TaxPlanIQ's vision is to create a global community where tax advisors drive not only financial prosperity but also enhance the overall wellbeing of individuals, businesses, and societies. We see a future where tax advisors play a pivotal role in shaping healthier, wealthier, and more connected communities, leveraging their unique skills and our innovative tools.


Our mission at TaxPlanIQ is to transform Tax Accountants into Tax Advisors who act as strategic partners in their clients' financial success. By integrating education, technology, community, and social responsibility, we are redefining the role of tax professionals. We strive to facilitate their transition from mere compliance specialists to essential contributors to individual and business prosperity.


The purpose of TaxPlanIQ is to provide an all-encompassing solution for tax advisors, enabling them to achieve excellence in their field, contribute to their clients' success, and have a positive social impact. We empower them with the tools, education, and support they need to elevate their services. We dedicate 10% of our profits to charitable causes and diversity initiatives, reflecting our commitment to community enrichment and social justice.


On the Profession: We are changing the way tax professionals approach their work, shifting from a focus on compliance to a broader, more strategic view.

On Clients: We enable tax advisors to provide tailored, impactful advice, fostering financial health and business growth for their clients.

On Society: By fostering responsible tax planning, education, and philanthropy, we contribute to the overall economic development, social equity, and community wellbeing.

On the World: Through our global community of tax advisors, we are a part of a movement that transcends borders, influencing fiscal policies, encouraging responsible business practices, and inspiring a shared commitment to social advancement.

Together, our vision, mission, purpose, and impact reflect our holistic approach to revolutionizing the tax industry. Through our ongoing commitment to innovation, education, community building, and social responsibility, we are not only transforming the profession but also contributing to a more prosperous, fair, and connected world.

Don't see a question you were hoping for? Email or visit our Help section within your custom profile in TaxPlanIQ.