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Welcome to TaxPlanIQ, where our dedicated team is at the core of revolutionizing tax planning. Our experts have crafted a user-friendly, SaaS-based platform that empowers accounting professionals with advanced tools for client service and provides individuals with clear insights for managing their taxes.

Awards and Accolades

Since 2018
Member of the Year 2019
Finance Council Member
Firm of the Future
AICPA Participant

We’re a mission driven company

Empowering tax efficiency. Transforming complexities.
TaxPlanIQ is on a mission to revolutionize tax planning for individuals and accounting firms. We provide innovative SaaS-based solutions, simplifying intricate tax scenarios and delivering exceptional client services. Committed to excellence and continuous innovation, we are the trusted partner for a more efficient and intelligent approach to tax planning.

Our Story

TaxPlanIQ began its journey as a beacon of hope for a select group of clients, aiming to streamline the taxing process of tax planning. Today, TaxPlanIQ is not just software; it's a movement, empowering thousands of accountants nationwide. 
As TaxPlanIQ evolved, so did its leadership. Jackie Meyer, the heart and soul behind this innovative platform, has now stepped into the role of President. Her vision continues to guide the company, while Dave Lukas, as the new CEO, brings a fresh perspective and dynamic approach to lead TaxPlanIQ into its next phase of growth.


Our journey is a testament to the power of innovation and the importance of understanding the needs of professionals in the accounting industry. TaxPlanIQ stands today as a industry leader, not just in software, but in shaping the future of tax planning. We are more than a company; we are a community of professionals dedicated to making a difference in the world of accounting

Our Vision

TaxPlanIQ's mission is to cultivate a cohesive accounting community where accountants and tax advisors collaborate to propel financial prosperity and elevate the well-being of individuals, businesses, and societies. Envisioning a future where tax advisory takes center stage in shaping healthier, wealthier, and more interconnected communities, we empower professionals with unique skills and innovative tools. Join us on the journey to transform the landscape of accounting and taxation for a brighter and more connected tomorrow.

Jackie at AICPA

Core Values



We're not just a team; we're innovators. At TaxPlanIQ, we boldly challenge the status quo. Our courage in innovation is the driving force behind our unique approach to tax planning.



Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. We tackle problems with a positive mindset, always looking for the silver lining.



Kindness, integrity, charity, and honesty are the cornerstones of our interactions at TaxPlanIQ. We value diversity and approach every belief with deep respect, guided by our founder's Christian faith. Our commitment is to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and understanding.



We strive for nothing less than exceptional. Our commitment to excellence means constantly pushing boundaries and using the best resources to deliver outstanding service.



At TaxPlanIQ, unity is our strength. We're more than a team; we're a community. Together, we build a supportive network, fostering empathy and collaboration for shared success.



Our passion and curiosity drive us to find joy in solving challenges. We're resilient, adaptable, and always eager to grow, turning every obstacle into an opportunity for innovation.

Our Impact

In reshaping the profession, we redefine how tax professionals approach their craft—moving beyond compliance to embrace a more strategic perspective. With clients at the forefront, we empower accountants and tax advisors to deliver personalized, impactful advice, nurture financial health, and foster business growth.
At TaxPlanIQ, our vision, mission, purpose, and impact embody a holistic revolution in the accounting industry. Committed to charitable causes, we actively support various initiatives, reflecting our dedication to giving back. Our focus on community development underscores TaxPlanIQ's commitment to supporting and contributing to the growth of communities.

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TaxPlanIQ Journey

2019 - 2020

  • Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackie Meyer led Meyer Tax Consulting, a virtual firm dedicated to serving clients during challenging times.
  • During this period, the vision for TaxPlanIQ began to take shape, reflecting the client-centric approach of Meyer Tax Consulting, emphasizing year-round tax planning.

2021 - 2022

  • Jackie Meyer strategically sold Meyer Tax Consulting to a CCTA coaching student, shifting her focus entirely to TaxPlanIQ.
  • The team started expanding during this period, gearing up for the growth of TaxPlanIQ.

2023 - 2024

  • Dave joined our group and took on the role of CEO, with a primary focus on the growth and expansion of TaxPlanIQ.
  • Jackie Meyer transitioned to the position of President, dedicating more time to traveling for speaking engagements and representing TaxPlanIQ's vision and expertise in the industry.

Meet Our TaxPlanIQ Tribe

Our diverse team brings together a wealth of experience and expertise. Since our inception in 2020, we have grown into a dynamic group united by a common goal: to revolutionize tax planning and advisory services.

Jackie Meyer, CPA
Founder & President
Jackie Meyer, a 40 under 40 honoree since 2018, is the founder of Meyer Tax Consulting and TaxPlanIQ. She leads the Certified Concierge Tax Accountant program, transforming accounting firms through her insights grounded in The ROI Method of tax planning(TM). Passionate about shaping a brighter future, Jackie envisions a world where accountants thrive in health, wealth, and fulfilling relationships, making accounting a beacon of opportunity. When she isn't working on TaxPlanIQ, Jackie is pursuing her Doctoral in Strategic Leadership and spending time with her husband and two children. 
Dave Lukas
Meet Dave, a seasoned entrepreneur, bestselling author, and investor with a stellar track record on the INC 5000 and Entrepreneur 365 lists. As founder of the Misfit Entrepreneur podcast, he has a dedicated global following. Originally an advisor to TaxPlanIQ, Dave's pivotal role in scaling the company led him to become CEO. Dave, a Top 1% Ironman competitor, resides in Columbus, OH, enjoying family life alongside his wife and daughter.
Veronica Herrera, CPA
Chief Tax Strategist
Veronica brings over a decade of expertise in private and public accounting. Veronica is a proud USC graduate and PricewaterhouseCoopers Alum. Veronica ensures we deliver top-notch results to our amazing clients, always looking for ways to save them money. When not strategizing, you'll find her chauffeuring her three girls to various activities across the metroplex with boundless energy and a vibrant spirit! Her favorite color is bright pink!
Joli Rosario
Executing backend operations fueled by years of expertise in multi-million-dollar corporate settings. Joli channels her creativity into culinary adventures, concocting delightful dog treats, indulgent human sweets, and inventive cocktails. With a penchant for simplicity reflected in her favorite colors, black and white, she remains dedicated to refining processes and infusing joy into everyday endeavors.
Lauren Kinser Cordon
Executive Assistant & HR Specialist
With an alma mater from Indiana University, Lauren brings a passion for organization that keeps our team thriving. She treasures moments with family, explores new destinations, and actively engages in community and church initiatives. Teal, her favorite color, adds a touch of vibrancy to both her workspace and her adventurous spirit. Whether immersed in a captivating book or exploring parks, Lauren radiates a contagious zest for life!
TaxPlanIQ team photos - Barry final
Barry Price
CTO & Consultant

Barry Price is an experienced technology executive with a proven track record in leading large companies and driving entrepreneurial ventures. With extensive expertise in SaaS software development, Professional Services, Security, Support, and Artificial Intelligence, Barry brings a unique blend of strategic vision and hands-on execution. Residing in Denver, Barry enjoys hiking the Colorado “14ers.” His technology and AI-driven initiatives have transformed operational efficiencies and fostered a culture of continuous innovation.

Amy Cabrero
Director of Customer Success & Legal
Beyond legal prowess, Amy leads customer training, adds life to our UX Copy, coaches with passion, and supports our community. She brings a unique perspective with 18 years of marriage, four kids, and a love for the Russian language. Amy's world is painted in lively hues of purple and turquoise, reflecting her dynamic personality!
Brandon Curry
Sales Director
Brandon connects our software with customers. A proud University of Colorado Denver alum and Chicago native, Brandon is a travel enthusiast who lives by the motto, "I've never had a bad day; I just ran out of time to make it a good day." When not sealing deals, he's hitting the gym and embracing the vibrant energy of blue. With Brandon, every day is a canvas for positivity and success!
Cindy Grossman
Headquarters Coordinator
Since 2015, Cindy has ensured smooth and vibrant operations for our team. Outside of work, she's a fitness enthusiast, often found at the gym, engaged in pickleball matches, or enjoying a biking adventure. Family is special in her heart; she cherishes moments with her grandchildren. Fun fact: Cindy's charm and congeniality earned her the title of Miss Congeniality in the 1979 Miss Hutchinson pageant.
Omolara Ogunlana
Customer Success Specialist
Omolara has a heart full of humility and a friendly touch. Bringing her expertise when working with the IRS, she is Always ready to assist our clientele, she adds a dash of joy to every interaction. Outside of work, Omolara's world is painted in shades of purple and green, reflecting her vibrant spirit. An avid cooking enthusiast, she's also a master at curating gifts and navigating shopping delights.
Sheena Reaso
Accounting Support
Sheena is a dedicated accounting support professional. With a strong background in accounting principles and practices, She excels in tasks such as accounts payable/receivable management, bookkeeping, reconciliations, and financial reporting. She is adept at using various accounting software and tools to streamline processes and ensure accuracy in financial data. When not working, Sheena enjoys cooking with her family.
TaxPlanIQ Team Photo - Ashly Boinott
Ashly Boitnott
Customer Onboarding Specialist
Ashly Boitnott has been happily married for 13 years and is a proud mother of two amazing little girls. She has a passion for traveling, enjoying the great outdoors, and diving into a good book. In her free time, she cherishes moments spent with her family. Her favorite colors are the vibrant shades of teal and coral.

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