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In a captivating episode of The Concierge CPA podcast, Jackie Meyer, CPA, founder of TaxPlanIQ, engages in a profound conversation with Amber Setter, a renowned CPA coach and leader at Conscious Public Accountants. The discussion delves into the intricacies of the accounting profession, emphasizing the significance of holistic growth and mental well-being. This blog captures the essence of their dialogue, providing insights and practical advice for CPAs seeking a balanced and fulfilling career.

You can listen to the full episode here, or on your favorite podcast platform. 

The Journey from Accountant to CPA Coach

Amber Setter began her career as an accountant, navigating the demanding world of tax and audit. However, she quickly realized that her true calling lay in helping others develop their full potential. With a Master's in Leadership Studies, Amber transitioned into coaching, where she found her niche in assisting accountants and CPAs overcome personal and professional challenges.

Embracing the Role of a CPA Firm Coach

Amber's role as a CPA firm coach is not just about professional development; it is deeply rooted in personal transformation. She emphasizes the importance of addressing childhood traumas and past experiences that often surface in the workplace. Through her coaching, Amber helps CPAs understand and overcome these barriers, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives and careers.

Quote: "My ideal coaching clients are accountants and CPAs who have had childhood trauma and it's showing up in the workplace in some way, shape, or form." - Amber Setter

Defining Leadership and Coaching in the Accounting Profession

A significant portion of the interview focuses on redefining leadership within the accounting industry. Jackie and Amber discuss the distinction between a leader (noun) and leadership (verb), highlighting the adaptive challenges that CPAs face today.

Leadership Beyond Technical Skills

Amber explains that true leadership involves navigating uncharted territories and solving adaptive challenges, which are complex and multifaceted. This is particularly relevant in the current landscape, where the accounting profession grapples with issues such as the taxation of cryptocurrency and the well-being of its professionals.

Quote: "Exercising leadership is actually moving people through adaptive challenges, not technical problems." - Amber Setter

Coaching vs. Consulting: Understanding the Difference

Amber clarifies the often-misunderstood distinction between coaching and consulting. While consulting involves giving advice and solutions, coaching is about empowering individuals to find their own answers and achieve their personal and professional potential.

Quote: "Coaching is more about allowing the person to transform themselves, bring out those ideas and concepts themselves." - Jackie Meyer

Mental Health in the Accounting Profession

Amber's commitment to mental health is evident in her work with the AICPA, where she developed a mental health toolkit for firms. She emphasizes the importance of real, open conversations about mental health, moving beyond superficial discussions to address deeper issues.

A Personal Approach to Mental Health

Amber's approach is deeply personal, drawing from her own experiences with mental health issues in her family. She believes that sharing these stories can create a more supportive and understanding environment within the profession.

Quote: "The reason I tell my story is because then others realize that's my story too." - Amber Setter

The Future of the CPA Profession: A Call for Change

As the conversation draws to a close, Jackie and Amber discuss the future of the CPA profession. Amber stresses the need for a paradigm shift, where CPAs design their lives around what truly makes them happy and fulfilled.

Redefining Success and Happiness

Amber believes that the profession must move away from its current grind and focus on more holistic measures of success. This includes fostering environments where CPAs can thrive both professionally and personally.

Quote: "Everyone needs to realize they really have the power to design their own life." - Amber Setter

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