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Outsourcing accounting tasks has become a significant trend in the accounting industry, especially as firms navigate the complexities of staffing and workload management. In a recent episode of "The Concierge CPA," Jackie Meyer, CPA, founder of TaxPlanIQ, interviewed Alexandra Constance of Unison Globus, an expert in providing outsourced accounting services. Their discussion highlighted the benefits and strategies of outsourcing, offering valuable insights for accounting firm owners.

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Understanding the Role of Outsourced Accounting Firms

In today's competitive landscape, accounting firms face challenges such as staffing shortages and increasing client demands. Outsourcing accounting tasks has emerged as a viable solution to these issues. Jackie Meyer and Alexandra Constance discussed how Unison Globus, based in Coral Springs, Florida, has been supporting accounting businesses in North America, the UK, and Europe since 2006. The company assists firms with growth and profitability by providing skilled talent for various accounting needs.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Tasks

Outsourcing accounting tasks offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Alexandra emphasized the importance of productivity and how outsourcing can improve current operations. By partnering with firms like Unison Globus, accounting firms can access a dedicated team that works seamlessly within their systems. This partnership helps build trust and ensures that outsourced team members feel like an integral part of the firm.

Addressing Cultural Differences in Outsourcing

One of the challenges of outsourcing is navigating cultural differences. Jackie and Alexandra discussed the importance of communication and understanding cultural norms. Alexandra shared that their goal is to foster a trusting relationship between clients and their offshore team. This approach involves regular feedback and adapting communication styles to ensure effective collaboration.

Jackie highlighted her experience at Deloitte, where she learned the significance of understanding cultural nuances. She stressed the need for asking questions and providing feedback to overcome misunderstandings. Alexandra agreed, adding that open communication and feedback are crucial for building a successful outsourcing relationship.

Why Hire an Outsourced Accounting Firm?

Hiring an outsourced accounting firm like Unison Globus offers a comprehensive range of services, from tax preparation to bookkeeping. Jackie noted that many offshore companies specialize in only one area, making it challenging for firms to find a provider that meets all their needs. Unison Globus stands out by offering a full gamut of services, ensuring that firms can find the right support for their specific requirements.

Alexandra explained that their firm focuses on tailoring services to client needs and continuously invests in the education and development of their team members. This commitment ensures that their staff is knowledgeable and capable of delivering high-quality services.

Overcoming the Challenges of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not without its challenges, but firms like Unison Globus are equipped to handle them. Alexandra shared that their team undergoes a thorough interview process to assess compatibility with clients. This process includes Zoom calls to get to know potential team members, ensuring a good fit for the firm's culture and needs.

Furthermore, Unison Globus offers flexible staffing solutions, including seasonal work arrangements. This flexibility allows firms to access skilled talent during peak seasons without committing to long-term contracts. By providing complimentary trials, Unison Globus helps firms test their services and build trust before making a long-term commitment.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Outsourcing in Accounting

As the accounting industry evolves, outsourcing will continue to play a vital role in helping firms manage their workload and grow their businesses. Jackie and Alexandra's conversation underscored the importance of communication, cultural understanding, and tailored services in building successful outsourcing relationships.

For accounting firms looking to enhance their efficiency and client satisfaction, outsourcing accounting tasks can be a game-changer. By partnering with a reputable firm like Unison Globus, firms can access a reliable and skilled workforce, ensuring they meet their clients' needs while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

TaxPlanIQ, founded by Jackie Meyer, CPA, offers innovative tax planning software that complements the benefits of outsourcing low-level accounting tasks. By outsourcing the time-consuming low value work, this allows firms to focus their in-house time on more valuable services like tax planning and advisory services. 

TaxPlanIQ allows accountants to create custom-branded tax plans, showcasing potential tax savings for clients. By integrating TaxPlanIQ with outsourced accounting services, firms can elevate their service offerings and drive top line growth in a more efficient way. Sign up for a free demo of TaxPlanIQ today and take the first step towards a more efficient and profitable future.

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