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Designed for tax accountants that want to work less and earn more.

Our founder–Jackie Meyer–overcame the challenges frustrating most firm owners. She stopped working 80 hour weeks and broke the cycle of the busy tax season. The result? A thriving business that returned hard-earned money to her clients. She now uses those business-building best practices to coach thousands of accountants just like you–transforming their firms in the process.


“This app helps me to organize and optimize my clients’ tax strategies! Quickly and easily, I can quote clients how much money they will save, implement strategies, then prove the projections with results tracking.”

— Kendall Broda

Without a doubt, TaxPlanIQ helped me confidently present tax savings to a client to win new revenue in the tens of thousands of dollars. My first pitch using TaxPlanIQ was going to save the client ~$50k that first year, and I was able to charge ~$9k and now annually generate ~$5k from the client, whereas previously, it was a ~$1500 tax return. Multiply that out, and you're delivering more value to your clients and being paid appropriately.  I'd say it's an excellent tool to generate tax planning strategies for your clients with resources to help you understand the strategies better. The methodology is ROI based, which helps you to more confidently capture premium fees for your valuable services.

— Jeremy Stark, CPA

Silver Spring, MD

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Easy-to-access tax strategies that make tax planning simple.

Join our onboarding sessions to learn how TaxPlanIQ is an intuitive platform that allows tax practitioners to demonstrate tax savings to their clients within 30 minutes.  The tax savings strategies can be quickly applied to your current clients and then presented professionally to your clients, saying, “Let's do this!"

  • A robust client portal
  • IRS Guidance
  • Attorney-approved tax strategies
  • Dashboards with ROI updates
  • Task management for clients & staff
  • A white-label platform you can personalize
  • Special events with founder & tax expert Jackie Meyer 
  • Add-on modules and more...