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Power Hour Series 

TaxPlanIQ's tax strategy webinars featuring our favorite tax strategies and preferred vendors



Upcoming Events

Power Hour: Webinar on Captive Insurance | SRA

Join this Event hosted by Jackie Meyer CPA and Clay Ogden of Strategy Risk Alternatives


2 PM - 2:50 PM CST


Power Hour: Webinar on Solar Investment Tax Credits | Valur

Join this event hosted by Jackie Meyer, CPA, and Jeff Love of Valur. Watch the Webinar, Answer the polls for CPE, and then build a tax plan during our weekly tax labs.

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November 13th, 2023

2 PM - 3:00 PM CST



How it works

Participate in a concise, informative webinar to learn about a new strategy. Take your CPE exam with CPA Academy and implement your new knowledge in TaxPlanIQ. Benefit from the guidance of expert tax advisors available to assist in the process.


Let's Work Together. We Make it Easy.


Step. 1. Register for the Webinar with Live Q&A chat with the TaxPlanIQ team.

Step 2. We check attendance and ask a few questions to submit for CPE.

Step 3. Implement your new knowledge in TaxPlanIQ and Start seeing results.


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Find the tax strategy in our library and click on resources.  We have several resources that dive further into detail and exclusive discounts. 


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Reasonable Compensation Part 1

Read how this concept relates to s-corps and how RCReports can be a valuable tool for tax advisors.

Reasonable compensation Part 2

We cover the risks associated with not considering reasonable comp, steps the accountant needs to walk through before running the reports.