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Boost your Tax Advisory services with our White Glove Consulting

Here's a unique opportunity to consult one-on-one with a tax expert for three weeks.

Our team will work with you to review and optimize your workflows, creating a customized best-practice workflow document with staff assignments. Whether starting from scratch or have a partially completed tax plan, we can help you perfect your pitch and close the deal. Our deliverables include a tax plan ROI/PPT/tax report, value-priced for presentation to the client.

We'll guide you through the implementation of the tax plan and give you a broader firm perspective timeline of Tax Advisory Steps to accomplish throughout the year based on your goals and capacity. Our deliverables will provide you with a specific client's tax planning timeline/steps and a 2023 goals timeline for your firm.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to take your business to the next level with our tax advisory consulting services.