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Certified Concierge Tax Accountant

A Tax Advisor Academy

Key Player Seat

By prioritizing tax strategy education and operational efficiencies for your Tax manager with a Key Player Seat, you can empower them to become trusted advisors to your clients. Their expertise will allow your firm to deliver tailored solutions, maximize tax efficiency, enhance compliance, and foster long-term success.
Embrace this opportunity to elevate your firm's capabilities, and together, let's create a future of prosperity and financial well-being for your clients.



Key Player


*Accounting Leader seats are required to purchase a Key play seat

For a staff member, you want to empower and equip as a tax advisor!

This includes a commitment. A deposit of $2,400 (three months) is required, then $655 per month for the remaining months to fulfill the commitment.

An additional user seat TaxPlanIQ Professional Plan is provided complimentary for this.

Invest in your staff today!

  • Professional level (value of $50 a month)
  • Online education library ($3000 + Value)
  • Live check-ins with Jackie's Experts 3 x a month (Value of $2000 / month)
  • The first-ever offering to elevate, train, and retain your team!


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Learn all about tax strategies


Tax advisory operational efficiencies. 

As an accountant, expanding your services to offer tax advisory can bring in more clients and increase your revenue. With tax laws constantly changing, learning the most effective strategies is important to provide the best advice to your clients. Our tax planning masterclass for accountants is designed to do just that. Here are some benefits of taking our masterclass:



Client relationships

Dive into Client relationships,


Unlock hidden opportunities

Identify clients who can benefit from strategic tax solutions proactively


Hiring best practices

Identify the best suited candidates to add to your tax firm.


Operational SOP's

We guide you with Operational SOP's and help you create workflows for tax advisory services



Keep your team accountable with Key performance indicators


Earn CPE Credits

CPA's earn continuing education credits provided by CPAAcademy.org

Meet your Coach

Looking for Practical and Efficient Accounting Solutions? Meet Your Coach Jackie Meyer, CPA. She offers a wealth of experience and expertise in tax strategies. She founded an award-winning CPA firm from 2010 to 2022 and established a SaaS Tax Advisory Platform, TaxPlanIQ, and a Certified Concierge Accountant Mastermind. Jackie's approach is based on The ROI Method™, which emphasizes pricing model changes to better align with value. Additionally, it addresses cultural and workaholic tendencies that can lead to burnout and turnover, ensuring a more sustainable and productive work environment. 


How it works

Let's see if this program is the right fit for your firm.

Step 1
Watch the ROI method session with Jackie to see if you align with her teaching style and concepts, or schedule a call with our team for a Q&A here.

Step 2
We work together on a plan for your success.

Step 3

Join CCTA, implement what you learn, and Start seeing results.

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Some firms operate in a reactive mode, waiting for clients to seek their services instead of taking a proactive stance. This limits their growth potential and fails to position them as trusted advisors.


The Certified Concierge Tax Accountant (CCTA) program for accounting leaders and key players emphasizes a proactive approach to client engagement. Accountants learn strategies for identifying clients' needs, anticipating their tax planning requirements, and taking the initiative to offer valuable insights and solutions. As well as create operational efficiencies for a tax advisory team

Why add a Key Player seat?

Invest in Your Firm's Future: Foster a culture of continuous learning and growth by enrolling your accounting team in our tax strategy education program.

Take the first step toward a thriving tax firm

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Topics include

checkmark Client relationships

checkmark Hiring best practices

checkmark Managing a team of "project managers"

checkmark operational efficiencies

checkmark Value Pricing


checkmark Charitable planning

checkmark Individual tax strategies

checkmark  Entity selection

checkmark FLP/ C- Corp

checkmark  Passive and non-passive

checkmark Real estate strategies

checkmark  Retirement contributions 

checkmark R&D, Micro, and more...


You will also receive

checkmark Live tax plans from students

checkmark Tax plan implementation examples and process

checkmark  Marketing templates

checkmark KPI templates, Hiring ad examples, Accountability charts

checkmark Guest speakers

checkmark VIP Exclusive event invitations

checkmark 18 hours CPE Minimum




Upcoming Events

Live Sessions | Account Leader

Our experience has shown that small, focused groups are the most effective for accountants. This is because it allows us to support each other while holding one another accountable. We meet on Zoom most Thursdays, with the third Thursday off.

Weekly on Thursdays



Live Sessions | Key Player

Our experience has shown that small, focused groups are the most effective for accountants. This is because it allows us to support each other while holding one another accountable. We meet on Zoom most Thursdays, with the third Thursday off.

Weekly on Thursdays

10 AM - 11AM CST