Enhancements & Updates

August 25, 2021 TaxPlanIQ Support team

  • Strategy Educational Videos now available

    Subscribers can now view educational videos provided by TaxPlanIQ on any tax strategy or upload a video of their choice.  Select any tax strategy, then select the resources tab to have the ability to view or upload videos.

    Available implementation videos are:

    HRA - Health Reimbursement Arrangements
    HSA - Health Savings Account
    DST - Deferred Sales Trust (just released recording!)

  • Combine Client Page with Tax Plans

    This enhancement combines the information on the Client’s screen into the Tax Plan screen, places the related party information on a separate tab in the Tax Plan, and provides a summary of all the Tax plans that the client has.

  • Tax Rate info Updates

    TaxPlanIQ will now route the user to the most current rates available for the Capital Gains Rate and Marginal Rate.   The C Corp Flat Rate was also changed to always default to 21 but can be changed as needed by the user.

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